Elysee Furs

Thank you for your interest in Elysee Furs. We are based in Montreal, Quebec and are one of the premier providers of furs in Canada. We offer the best in top quality fur fashion designs, from classic to modern, for both men and women. One can choose from a wide selection of the best Canadian made garments in the latest fashions between sizes 4 to 46.

We specialize in Mink (all natural colors), Sheared Mink, Beaver,Sheared Beaver, Fox, Coyote, Raccoon, Otter, Lynx, Lynx Cat, Fisher, Sable and Chinchilla.

We also carry leather, sheepskin, capes, cashmere coats trimmed with fur, and fur accessories like hats, gloves, mittens, muffs and scarfs.

Upon purchasing a fur coat or jacket from us, you will receive our guarantee for 5 years, and any repairs and alterations will be free of charge. You will receive a certificate of value, your name will be monogrammed and storage and cleaning will be free for 1 year. We also exchange old coats for new coats or we can simply remodel an existing coat.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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